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Global Premier Soccer Rhode Island was established in 2012 and is focused on providing elite training to aspiring soccer players. Broken out into two regions (North & South), boy's and girl's teams compete across the U8 through U18 age groups and comprise of more than 450 athletes. The club is a member of the New England Premiership (NEP), the leading youth soccer league in the New England with over 1,300 club teams from 6 Northeastern States. Led by a seasoned staff with more than 50 years of coaching experience and a support system that stretches across North America, players will improve their skills and love for the game!

Premier Program


Our Premier Program provides year round training and games for players aged 8-19 looking to compete at the highest level, locally, regionally and nationally. Over 400 players from throughout Rhode Island currently participate on GPS RI teams.

The GPS RI Premier Program has a tailored curriculum that will provide players with a fun, energetic and competitive environment focused on individual player development whilst learning the GPS Style of Play. Our goal is to prepare players to achieve their maximum potential in the game whether it be professional, college or high school.

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GPS RI's North Teams practice out of the North Smithfield area at World of Indoor Sports and the fantastic facilities at Bryant University, making teams accessible to all North Region players.

GPS RI's South Teams practice out of the North Kingstown area at World of Indoor Sports with a satellite location in Westerly.


World of Indoor Sports

What People Are Saying About Us!

“Our daughter Hannah has had some excellent opportunities since joining GPSRI 2007 Girls in 2017. She has had excellent coaching, learned different complex, organized, systems of soccer, and has grown so much as a player over the past couple of years.  Thanks to coach Ivan and all of the coaches for encouraging her to be better every day!"

Hannah Bishop – 2007 Girls

“Joey has had such a fun experience playing in the EDL program. He has learned so much at such a young age. Most important how to become self-disciplined and play organized soccer in a fun environment! Thank you coach Max and coach Jamie for all you have done for him. He loves coming to train and play!”

Joey Bishop – EDL Boys

“The year before I started GPS I was starting to lose my love for the game of soccer, but my coaches and teammates at GPS changed that. Now I always want to play soccer. I’ve gotten so much better since I started GPS.” 

Lindsay Edmonson – 2006 Girls

The Global Premier Soccer Way


Global Premier Soccer (GPS) is one of the largest and most successful soccer clubs in North America with more than 150 clubs spread out across 32 states.

The mission of Global Premier Soccer is to be a leader in the development and growth of soccer across North America and beyond. Our identity of excellence is now established but we continue to pursue our pathway to success on and off the field, with our primary focus being the development of players and people. We develop players who can compete at the highest level of soccer around the world.

The GPS Methodology

Player Development

Our goal is to develop the player AND person. You may be told about a coach's resume, or the importance of certain leagues but does the club have a long term plan for the players and person within its care?

GPS is a club. We believe that carries some importance. A club means a group of people with shared values and traits.  A club has an identity.  A club sticks together.  A club is on the same page. 

This is how we structure our training environment.  We've established a good working model over the past 18 years and strongly believe that our approach works to get our players to their desired destination.

System of Play

Four Elements of The GPS Style of Play

Building From The Back

It starts with the goalkeeper looking to play into the feet of the closest open player.Why? To maximize touches of the ball, and initiate our progressive possession. To create confident, risk-taking and pressure-resistant players. To draw out the opposition, giving space for our forwards to attack when we play through the press.

Progressive Possession

Keeping the ball, shifting the opposition and playing a penetrative pass at the right moment.Why?

  • To create players that are confident in passing and receiving the ball.
  • To develop players’ understanding of attacking tactical concepts.

Attack Minded

Our teams aim to create as many goal-scoring opportunities as possible.Why?

  • To create innovative, exciting and creative players that dominate 1v1 situations.
  • To complete attacking moves with creation of goal scoring opportunities.

Press From The Front

GPS teams aim to win the ball as high up the field as possible, with all players playing a role in the defensive phase.Why?

  • To help us win the ball as quickly as possible so we can exercise the three other aspects of our Style of Play.
  • To ensure all our players are capable in all phases of the game.

Our System

Progressive Formations to Compliment Style


Central to our style of play is the creation of diamonds and triangles. The Early Development phase allows us to embed this from the start. Players will rotate positions- including Goalkeeper. Players will be encouraged to be confident in 1v1 situations, recognize when to pass, and be comfortable receiving the ball.


The number of diamonds/triangles are increased to provide more passing options when in possession.  Teams look to play out from the back using the Goalkeeper and posses the ball with purpose.  The focus on the central positioned player and their role will allow for more touches on the ball and increased decision making.  Fundamental focus is given on ball mastery and technical proficiency in passing, receiving, dribbling and striking the ball.  Basic tactical information is given when in possession and to regain possession.


In the Final stage before 11v11 we add the roles of #2 and #3 providing width and installing the key movements to play out from the back and possess the ball in the midfield third.

The system allows for position flexibility when in possession but builds on the basic fundamentals learned in 7v7. Players further build on their 7v7 education increasing not only their technical attributes but possessing with a purpose.

There is increased focus on tactical aspects such as dictating the speed of the game and ensuring players understand their role individually and collectively both in and out of possession.

STAGE 4:  11V11 (U13/U19 - PREMIER PHASE)

Adding in #7 and #11 is final part of the systematic evolution. Player roles have been consistent throughout the process allowing for imbedded familiarity.   The aim is to dominate the ball in possession progressively through the thirds, be organized in attack, defense and transitions.

The system continues to allow position flexibility and movement within shape.  Players define tactical and technical attributes in training and game. Ensuring players are prepared technically to carry out the tactical instruction.


Coaching Staff.  Qualified Coaches Who Don't Stand Still.

Our coaches are responsible for delivering all of the above. Without them, everything is theory.  We source our staff from a variety of locations.  Local College and High School coaches are complimented by full-time licensed staff from Europe and elsewhere.

Though our coaches come to us highly qualified and immersed in the game,  we understand the importance of continued professional development.  This consists of:

  • Weekly on-field professional development
  • Weekly classroom professional development
  • Weekly submission of training sessions reviewed by Technical Department
  • Seasonal Coaching Evaluations (training and game day)

Featured Player

Owen Ennis

Owen Ennis

My favorite parts about GPS has been the coaching, tournament opportunities and the National team program. Playing for Coach Steve and Brian as well as with Coach Shon and Pedro has enabled me to achieve these goals and they have instilled in me the importance of being an offensive minded player who always looks to possess the ball.

Through GPS I’ve been able to play in the Surf Cup in California and will have the chance to play in Northern Ireland at the Super Cup NI this summer.

Director of Coaching

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Johan Forslof

Johan Forslof joined GPS Rhode Island in 2014 as General Manager and Director of Coaching. A native of Sweden, he holds the UEFA 'A' License and has an extensive coaching background including spells as the Head Coach of Sandvikens IF who played in the Swedish Division 1. Johan is also a qualified coach instructor and capable of instructing on the UEFA B license, equivalent to USSF B. At GPS RI, Forslof has overseen the growth and technical direction of the club over the last five years. He currently coaches the 05 and 08 Boys age groups.

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