Global Premier Scholarships

All GPS Sophomores and Juniors have the opportunity to take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation call with a Global Premier Scholarships representative.  The call will provide feedback for players on their individual college preparation and establish a roadmap for next steps as well as provide an introduction to Global Premier Scholarships.

Who is Global Premier Scholarships?

Global Premier Scholarships provides individual year-round support for prospective student-athletes who are looking for in-depth, consistent support throughout the college placement process.

Global Premier Scholarships has been developed to ensure from the very start that our players and families are provided with a transparent, consistent and quality service. Global Premier Scholarships provides families with one-to-one attention and draws on years of experience of placing athletes in collegiate programs.

Benefits of Global Premier Scholarships

  • Quicker connections with coaches
  • Implementing filter process
  • Development of a Specific list
  • Daily Updates
  • Honest, consistent advice
  • Experience in placing athletes

What is the cost?

GPS players can access Global Premier Scholarships services for a one-time fee of $1750, from the Sophomore year onwards which runs through the duration of their collegiate career.