June 28th, 2019, Waltham, MA; In addition to our teams competing at the ENPL Playoffs and the Mid-Atlantic Regionals, GPS MA has sent three teams to West Virginia to compete at the USYS Eastern Region Championships.

The GPS MA Elite White 2001 Girls, GPS MA Elite White 2003 Boys and the GPS MA West Elite Red 2004 Boys will be competing following their USYS Massachusetts State Cup victories earlier this month.

The USYS Regional Championships see the top 1000 U12-U19 teams from across USYS four regions; East, West, South, and Midwest; compete to be named their region’s champion and book their ticket to the USYS National Championship.

The competition consists of a groups stage consisting of three games. The top teams from the group stage qualify for the knockout rounds, starting at the quarterfinal or semifinal stage depending on the age group, with finals being held on July 3rd and 4th.

All three teams begin group play today with the GPS MA Elite White 2003 Boys kicking off against HMMS Eagle FC from Pennsylvania at 2pm.

The GPS MA Elite White 2001 Girls will be kicking off in the following time slot at 4pm against Burke Athletic Club Blitz from Virginia.

The GPS MA West Elite Red 2004 Boys opened up their group stage with a 4-1 win over PDA Shore Thiago from New Jersey earlier this afternoon.

The journey to this point has seen a pool of 10,000 teams cut down to just 1,000 across the four regional championships.

The prize for winning the USYS Eastern Region Championship is a ticket to the USYS National Championships being held in at Overland Park, in Kansas from July 22 To July 28.

In total, 48 teams will qualify with League Qualifier status while another 56 will come from the four Regional Championships.

You can find the profile for each of the GPS MA teams on the USYS Eastern Regional site by clicking the links below:

GPS MA Elite White 2001 Girls Team Profile

GPS MA Elite White 2003 Boys Team Profile

GPS MA West Elite Red 2004 Boys Team Profile

Don’t just rely on those links to get all you information though as we will be keeping everyone updated on how all of our GPS MA teams are doing across this packed weekend of competitions.

To stay up to date with GPS teams during the USYS Eastern Regional Championships please connect with us on social media.